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Brand: Medicalia

Medi-Clear for Blemished & Acne-Prone Skin

Medi-Clear for blemished & acneic skin is ideal for persistant acne breakouts, bacterial build-up, and clogged or enlarged pores.

Medi-ClearŪ precisely targets your individual skin concerns by regulating oily secretion, softening comedogenic clogging, purifying follicles, tightening enlarged pores, and eliminating dead skin cell build-up, thus smoothing the overall surface of the skin.

Medi-Clear Acido-Gel
For radical blemish control and total epidermal surface renewal. This anti-bacterial gel helps desquamate unwanted surface accumulation, including clogged pores and comedones. For extra boost, use Acido-Gel in the evening only. After cleansing and toning, apply a small quantity on affected areas, half an inch away from the eyes. Follow with Clarifying Cream, then massage gently until absorbed.
-1 fl oz-

Medi-Clear Clarifying Cleanser
An effective, yet non-aggressive cleanser that eliminates toxins, pollutants, impurities, surface bacteria, and makeup residues. Apply a small amount of Clarifying Cleanser on dry skin to face and neck. Massage with wet fingertips. Rinse or remove with a washcloth moist with warm water. Follow with a cotton pad moist with Clarifying Toner. Use morning and evening.
-5 fl oz-

Medi-Clear Clarifying Cream
An oil-free, emollient cream with a light texture. Ideal for preventing follicular clogging from the accumulation of impurities, and toxic build-up. Maintains skin hydrated, protected and bacteria-free. After applying Spot Treatment Fluid, apply Clarifying Cream to face and neck. Use morning and/or evening.
-1.7 oz-

Medi-Clear Spot Treatment Fluid
Contains the latest selection of results-driven ingredients. Recommended as an effective anti-bacterial fighter, this potent product safely combats blemishes and inflammation delivering immediate results. Apply Spot Treatment Fluid sparingly on specific blemishes only. Wait two minutes before applying any other product. Follow with Clarifying Cream. Use morning and/or evening.
-1 fl oz-

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