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Brand: Medicalia

Clinically-proven to regenerate & restore skin health with active ingredients Lactic Acid and time-released Retinol spherulites.

Medi-Refine L-Retinol Smoothing Cream
This highly effective pre-operative cream unites the most performant low-molecular-weight organic acid with precise ingredients to regulate the pigmentary system, suppress Tyrosinase formation, and combat hyperpigmentation. The special combination of ingredients combine to resurface the skin, eliminating dead cell accumulation and smoothing skin surface, thereby yielding astonishingly visible results.
-1.7 oz-

Medi-Refine Lightening Cream
A light textured, potent cream that effectively lightens brown hyperpigmentation spots on the skin. Apply on hyper pigmented spots only, half an hour before bedtime. Use evening only.
-1.7 oz-

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