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Brand: Medicalia

Medi-SootheŽ for Rosacea, Dry Skin, & Sensitive Skin

Medi-Soothe Gentle Cleanser
Medi-Soothe Gentle Cleanser is a creamy and desensitizing cleanser for the most delicate of complexions, specifically formulated with natural emulsifying oils to gently and thoroughly cleanse the skin.
-5 fl oz-

Medi-Soothe Gentle Cream
This delicate cream eases dryness, soothes sensitivity and blotchiness, and promotes healthy skin. Also offers UV protection. Recommended for dry, sensitive skin and/or rosacea sufferers.
-1.7 oz.-

Medi-Soothe Gentle Toner
Medi-Soothe Gentle Toner is very rich in active ingredients and is an integral part of the cleansing procedure. It is a vital step for preparing the skin for further treatment.
-5 fl oz-

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