Corrective Care

Acne Treatment:

At Carmen’s, we take acne seriously. Carmen is an acne specialist that has trained worldwide in  acne-specific care. She designs each treatment program to meet the specific needs of the client. Carmen takes a three-pronged approach to treatment that gets results: Heal, correct and smooth.

To heal you need detoxification of the body in correlation with the determined treatment.  Diet needs to be adjusted in order to eliminate toxins and impurities inside and out.  This is essential to maintain a healthy you!  We use organic skin friendly ingredients that clear clogged pores, absorb impurities and balance skin.

Visit our Acne Holistic Care page for treatment options.

Calm Skin Facial - Rosacea & Sensitive Skin:
Get relief from persistent facial redness, dilated capillaries, skin congestion and pustules. Carmen’s soothing rosacea treatments featuring proven-effective ingredients like green tea, licorice, chamomile, Vitamin E and rose essential oil, strengthening capillaries, decongesting and hydrating the skin and offering welcome relief from discomfort. This treatment includes LED Light Therapy for a powerful and non-invasive rejuvenation of the skin.

Treatment duration:  60 minutes
Price $90.00
For best results, schedule a series of Calm Skin Facial treatments.

Hyperpigmentation & Sun Damage Wellness Treatment:
Banish age spots, liver spots, sun spots and the ravages of time. Designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin pigmentation, this treatment features 100 percent certified organic products that combat hyperpigmentation from within by tackling the cellular condition that causes it and Medicalia® Medi-Peels that lighten dark spots, tighten pores and leave skin wonderfully hydrated with a radiant, healthy and even glow.

Treatment duration: 90 minutes
Price: $120.00

Light therapy, Micro-dermabrasion and SilkPeel treatments are used in combination with exfoliation treatments to enhance results.

Deep Hydration Treatment:
Recapture the dewy glow of youth with this deep hydration treatment featuring The Echo 2 Plus™ Oxygen Treatment System, which blends pure oxygen, enzymes and amino acids to replenish and hydrate cells lying beneath the outer layer of the epidermis. An intense topical vitamin masque is then massaged into the skin.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes
Price: $75.00
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