Total Body Renewal Detox & Cleansing Program

These specialized body treatments are not massages but therapies during which exfoliating preparations are applied to the skin using techniques to further the action of topical compounds. They are designed to clear the body of toxic overload, allowing the natural systems of cleansing, elimination and repair to function efficiently.

Our detox and cleansing services use special processes that act through the body’s surface layers to cleanse, detoxify and strengthen the body’s many systems. The cleansing process involves the blood stream and circulatory system, lymphatic system and glandular secretions, olfactory system and respiration and various energetic centers.

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Who needs a detox treatment?

Why should I detox? Detox treatments aid in preventing infectious matter from settling inside the tissues, causing decay and weakening the body’s defense against disease and deterioration. They also treat surface tissues by removing microbial or waste deposited there regularly, not only through natural metabolic processes, but from radiation, noxious gases and other dangerous environmental pollutants so very abundant in our modern world. A detox treatment leaves the skin (our largest eliminative organ) smooth, hydrated, porous and receptive, allowing the elimination of waste fluids and gasses, plus the absorbance of nutrients, to occur.

What are the benefits of detoxing? Participating in a detox treatment:

  • When starting a weight loss program this aids the beginning of the process.
  • Helps to eliminate toxins we ingest. (caffeine, processed  foods, alcohol, etc.)
  • Helps to eliminate toxin resulting from environmental exposure
  • Improves the appearance of your skin
  • Makes you feel and looks fantastic

Total Body Renewal Detox, Carmen’s COMPLETE detox program. We work to cleanse your TOTAL body both inside and out. Here is what you can expect:

  • Start your day with a foot soak in a rose pedal, chamomile and citrus tea, as we conduct your consultation.
  • After and evening of fasting, we will warm up your body with gentle stretching and deep respiration exercises with a certified yoga instructor.
  • After drinking some of our homemade vegetable juice and tea you will be directed to your first treatment experience, a body scrub, scalp treatment and a body wrap followed by the final touch of a lymphatic drainage body massage.
  • Following this first treatment sequence, you will enjoy a pleasant break—relax and enjoy all you want of delicious 100% organic soup, fruit and detox teas.
  • The final treatment experience includes a deep pore cleansing facial, specially customized for your skin needs, including a hand, neck and décolleté massage using the “Sabai” stone, an incredible experience that will transform your wellbeing. The result?
  • You will feel relaxed, lighter (*you can lose 2-3 pounds in one day), refreshed and energized.
  • You will look and feel FANTASTIC!
  • You will be given your remaining soup and juice for the duration of the evening to complete the total day detoxing of the body.

Treatment duration: 7 hours
Price:  $550.00

To enhance our Total Body Renewal, we recommend a 10-day colon cleanser capsule. We will be able to supply the capsules together with our questionnaire where you will choose your fruits and juice preferences. We will suggest products for you to take home.

Detox Signature Facial: Our Detox Signature Facial is customized to our clients’ needs with a deep cleansing of the pores, skin exfoliation, a LED light therapy treatment, a customized mask, and specialized pampering. All of the products are 100% Certified Organic, and the use of Sabai stone is included on the face, hands, and chest as a part of the treatment. After your treatment your relaxing continues while enjoying a buffet of 100% organic vegetable soup, fruits, teas, and fruit water.

Treatment duration: 2 1/2 hours
Price:  $250.00

Detox Signature Body Treatment: This customized Detox Body Treatment includes a total body scrub, wrap and a body massage! And a complimentary “Face Detox Treatment!” All products for this treatment are 100% Certified Organic. After your treatment your relaxing continues while enjoying a buffet of 100% organic vegetable soup, fruits, teas, and fruit water. 

Treatment duration: 2 ½ hours
Price:  $250.00
50 minutes of breathing / stretching exercises can be added for an additional $45.00

*Results may vary
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